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Robbery is not something anyone wants to get convicted of. In South Carolina, robbery is a serious crime and classified as a felony, meaning punishments can be hefty and prison sentences long. Being convicted of this crime means a multiple-year jail sentence and a stained criminal record. Without an attorney representing you the possibility of beating these charges diminishes significantly. South Carolina follows a common law definition of robbery and also robbery while possessing a weapon. Robbery is defined as taking the property of another person through force.  Contact Attorney Ashley Cornwell today if you need someone who will fight for your rights and maximize your chances at a positive outcome. 

What South Carolina Laws say about Robbery

South Carolina breaks down robbery charges into two categories. Common law robbery is the taking of someone’s property by force but without a weapon. This is also known as strong-arm robbery. The state also defines robbery with a deadly weapon and distinguishes it from the other offense. 

Strong-Arm Robbery; A person who commits this offense and is convicted can face up to 15 years of imprisonment. This is defined as the ‘unlawful taking of property from the person of another through the use of threat or force.’ 

Robbery and Attempted Robbery while Armed with a Deadly Weapon; being convicted of this crime carries mandatory minimum sentences. If the robbery was completed then the mandatory minimum sentence is 10 years with a maximum sentence of 30 years. If the robbery was attempted but not successfully completed, then the maximum sentence is 20 years. Persons convicted of armed robbery are not eligible for parole. 

Being convicted of this offense, as with any felony, carries long-term consequences not laid out in the specific law. This means having a criminal record and being restricted from full access to certain jobs, housing, education, and 2nd Amendment Rights. South Carolina also does not have a statute of limitations for criminal offenses. Meaning, no matter when this alleged offense took place you could face prosecution. 

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