Traffic Offenses

If you’re facing charges for a traffic offense, you could receive fines, get points on your license, or even serve some jail time in South Carolina. Whether this is your first speeding ticket or your second DUS, Cornwell Law Firm, LLC., can help you understand the charges and offer guidance on how to proceed.

Driving Under Suspension (DUS)

Many drivers don’t realize the state has suspended their license. While some drivers receive suspensions for past DUIs or other traffic offenses, others receive them because of failure to pay child support or past traffic fines, abandoning their car on a public highway, failing to appear in court, or because of physical or psychological diagnoses.

If you are pulled over while driving with a suspended license, you may receive an extension of your suspension or face other fines. Instead of just pleading guilty, work with experienced attorney Ashley Cornwell to get the suspension wiped from your record by agreeing to a defensive driving course.


Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO)

Ashley Cornwell fully understands the complicated laws surrounding South Carolina’s Habitual Traffic Offender status. A driver in South Carolina becomes a habitual traffic offender after committing several serious traffic offenses. While the number depends on the severity of the offense, once you become an HTO, the state revokes your license for five years. If you’re caught driving while having an HTO, you can receive a felony. 

Work with Ashley Cornwell to reduce the length of your HTO to two years or to appeal the suspension in court.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving includes a wide variety of traffic offenses. Driving 25 mph or more over the speed limit, racing other drivers, passing with limited visibility, not stopping for a police officer, and not yielding when required can all result in a reckless driving charge.

Having a reckless driving charge on your driving record can affect your insurance rates and result in a misdemeanor charge, which remains on your criminal record and can come with up to 30 days of jail time. Experienced traffic offenses attorney Ashley Cornwell can help you appeal the charges or help you navigate the pretrial intervention program (PTI) to remove the points from your license.


Speeding is a misdemeanor in South Carolina, and a ticket often comes with a fine, ranging from $15 to $75, depending on how far over the speed limit you were driving.

Speeding tickets can negatively affect your insurance rates, causing your monthly fees to increase. If you receive several speeding tickets, you may face more serious charges, including having your license suspended. Ashley Cornwell can help you explore your options for expunging the points from your license.

Protect Yourself

Ashley Cornwell has over 12 years of experience practicing law in South Carolina. Let her help you after a traffic offense. Contact the law offices of Cornwell Law Firm, LLC   today at (843) 595-6003 to see how Ashley and her team can help you.