Appellate Defense


Having a determined, intelligent attorney on your side is necessary when you’re appealing criminal charges. The law is complicated, and laypeople who try to defend themselves often face off against experienced prosecutors who know all the tricks of the trade.

Ashley Cornwell is a born-and-bred South Carolinian who believes that their mistakes should define no one. She can help you with your criminal appeals, parole hearings, and other appellate defense needs.

Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals

In South Carolina, a conviction can make it more challenging for you to get hired or rent an apartment. If you believe you are innocent, or the charges were exaggerated, it is your right to appeal the decision.

Ashley Cornwell is a competitive lawyer who will fight for your right to have a fair and just hearing. She uses her extensive experience to build a case for your appeal.

Appellate Court

Parole Hearings

Where the date of your first parole hearing is approaching, or this is your second or third hearing, Cornwell Law Firm, LLC., can help you with the process. Getting your life back after serving time is essential, and an experienced lawyer can help you get better parole conditions.

Ashley Cornwell will protect your rights during your parole hearing. She will also provide support in the weeks leading up to your hearing, getting you information about your case from the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services (DPPPS), and planning your hearing.

Post-Conviction Relief (PCR)

If you find fresh evidence that you believe supports your innocence after the court convicts you, you can file a post-conviction relief (PCR) in South Carolina. Unlike an appeal, a PCR acts as a post-trial motion, and you will need to file it with the trial court, not the appeals court.

Ashley Cornwell has extensive experience with PCRs in South Carolina and can help you search for proof that your constitutional rights were violated during your first trial. If, for example, you felt that your representation during your trial was inadequate or your lawyer didn’t introduce essential evidence, Ashley will file a PCR on your behalf. An expertly drafted PCR could result in an evidentiary hearing with a new circuit court judge, which could alter your conviction.

Ashley Cornwell will protect your rights, whether you’ve served time or believe your constitutional rights were violated. Contact Cornwell Law Firm, LLC today at (843) 595-6003 to learn more about how Ashley and her team can help you.

At Cornwell Law Firm, LLC., we believe that everyone deserves a chance for a fair trial with excellent representation.