Dorchester County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges in Summerville, St. George, Charleston, or anywhere in Dorchester County SC, consider hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney with the drive to fight your freedom! At The Cornwell Law Firm, we provide comprehensive and personalized legal representation. We will break down your case and come up with possible defense strategies to maximize your chances at ensuring a positive outcome. 

Ashley Cornwell knows what it takes to curate the proper defense for any criminal charges. She will personally oversee every aspect of your case to make sure your rights are protected and a strong defense strategy is brought together. If you are facing charges like Murder, Burglary, Assault, or a Drug Offense, contact us today. Attorney Ashley Cornwell has years of experience representing clients throughout South Carolina, including Dorchester County and the Greater Charleston Area. Our first-rate legal counsel may be what you need to beat your charges and move forward. Click the button below for a consultation.