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Car accidents happen. That’s just a part of being a driver. No matter how experienced, careful, or safe you are, they can still happen to you. Other drivers’ negligence plays a huge role in how accidents occur. People get distracted, they drive aggressively, or they get influenced by something else and before you know it you’ve got yourself a bump, fender-bender, or worse.

South Carolina has seen its incidents rise every year since recent memory. In 2019 there was a traffic collision every 3.7 minutes. And, a person was injured every 9 minutes. These numbers shouldn’t dissuade you from driving because you have rights. 

Medical costs, lost wages, and physical/emotional recovery can all be claimed. An insurance company might try to settle this matter with you and those involved quickly and cheaply.

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What does a personal injury lawyer do?

Simply put, handling a car accident claim by yourself is not easy. There are tons of documents that you need to keep track of while you get back to work and recover. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be going against an insurance company with adjusters and lawyers, who may even try to claim you were at fault for the accident. Considering all of the potential issues that could arise or be missed, the best way to maximize your settlement amount is by retaining your own lawyer. 

A personal injury lawyer, experienced in car accident cases, can help you work through all of these issues and more. An attorney can properly negotiate with whatever insurance company(s) are involved. Most accidents are settled out of court and an experienced personal injury lawyer can push for this to speed up the process. However, if a proper settlement cannot be reached, an attorney can take your case to trial and defend your interests before a judge and jury. 

In negotiating a settlement or preparing for trial, an attorney can conduct a proper investigation to make sure all the facts are accounted for. This will help you build the strongest case possible, so you can maximize your damages settlement and/or defend your claim against any wrongful allegations. Oftentimes a police report alone will not contain the necessary information needed to prove negligence. Likewise, an insurance company’s report will not necessarily paint the facts in the light most favorable to you. Having an experience attorney on your side gives you the necessary tools to obtain the best outcome possible. 

A personal injury lawyer should be prepared to handle all possible legal courses when it comes to your automobile accident. At the Cornwell Law Firm, we’ll present you with the best course of action and keep you up to date with all aspects of your case.


What are the most common injuries in a car accident?

Medical bills can quickly add up when someone is dealing with immediate and long-term injuries related to car accidents. Sometimes injuries do not surface until after an accident, so we always recommend going to the doctor. This can help your case by documenting what injuries were found and it can help you avoid the trouble of having to deal with injuries later on.

Even minor crashes can cause serious injuries. Bone fractures, brain injuries, and internal bleeding can all be consequences of a collision. Some injuries might require surgery, physical therapy, or both. Your settlement offers should match your pain and suffering. We can help.


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