Ashley B. Cornwell

Having a knowledgeable, experienced attorney handle your case can make the difference between jail time, a fine, and proving your innocence. You want to work with a lawyer who treats you as an individual and deeply cares about your future.

Ashley Cornwell was born and raised in South Carolina and has practiced law for over a decade. Her competitive spirit makes her an impressive attorney who always gives her all to protect her client’s rights.

From Sports to Law

Since childhood, Ashley has played competitive team sports, which honed her competitive spirit, both on the field and in the courthouse. She may not have always been the best athlete on the team, but she was the best player because she was willing to put in the work to get results. She brings this tenacity to her legal practice as she fights for her clients future!


Throughout the course of her career, Ashley has successfully negotiated and tried thousands of civil and criminal cases. In 2007, Ashley began her legal career working for a civil defense firm in Columbia, South Carolina, representing insurance carriers and defending individuals in automobile accidents, premises liability, and construction litigation cases. In 2010, Ashley went to work for the Solicitor’s Office in Berkeley and Orangeburg County, where she primarily prosecuted violent crimes, such as murder, sexual assault, armed robbery. burglary and drug trafficking. In 2019, Ashley left the Solicitor’s Office to open the Cornwell Law Firm, where she has continued her pursuit of justice and passion for helping others all across the state.

Giving Back to The Community

Ashley’s parents instilled a sense of community in her that she maintains to this day. South Carolinians believe in helping others less fortunate than them, whether through donations or activism. Ashley has worked with the Charleston Charitable Society and taken part in Read to Achieve, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Meals on Wheels, and Habitat for Humanity.

Every year, she hosts a Christmas dinner to gather donations for organizations ranging from her local Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, Homeless Veterans, Animal Rescues, and nursing homes.

Her giving spirit and sense of community mean that she believes no one should be defined by one mistake. Ashley strives to ensure her clients are defined by who they are as individuals and not by the mistakes they make during a difficult moment in their lives.

Native South Carolinian

Ashley’s connection to South Carolina runs deep. Her family connection means she is familiar with most areas of the state, and she is willing to travel across South Carolina to protect your rights. Whether you live in Charleston or Greenville or somewhere in between, Ashley will take your case.

Ashley never shies away from confrontation. When she sees an injustice, she fights to right it. However, she never lets her competitive drive interfere with her ability to do her job respectfully. She knows how to communicate with judges, other lawyers, and the police in a way that helps her clients’ cases without compromising her values.

Ashley is committed to protecting the rights of South Carolinians from all over the state. Whether you face a traffic offense or have a parole hearing coming up, Ashley is the attorney you want in your corner. 

“I may look sweet, but when it’s time to fight, I’m ready to battle. I’m proud of that reputation, and that is what I want to portray to my clients and build upon.”

Ashley Cornwell